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I’m a Los Angeles based marketing specialist and blogger of My Social Network Note. I’m creating useful inbound marketing strategies to maximize your business value and opportunities. Also you can gain the knowledge and skills of web optimization for people who need instant solutions and improvements. My Social Network Note is your inbound solutions focusing on how to create touch points with target audience in order to capture customer value. Get your business have the right direction and grow your business!

And personally I love traveling and visit places whenever I can even a couple of days. Based on my real travel experience, I share traveling ideas and tips at Before Traveling for travel lovers. Discover your bucket list destinations and get helpful information to make your next travel more memorable!

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My Social Network Note is an inbound marketing blog for small and medium business, focusing on how to get people find you, convert them into customers and deepen the relationships without investing a lot of money.

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Before Traveling is a travel blog that gives you travel inspirations and introduces the possible travel planning ideas for a short trip. You can find your new bucket list destinations and get helpful information for your next travel.

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