Do you know which keywords your visitors used to reach to your website?

Keyword analysis is the starting point for online marketing since it makes it easy for you to understand which keywords are beneficial to your website and rank your web page higher in SERPs. Since it helps you to not only figure out which keywords to target for your content marketing but also build an effective online marketing strategy for organic search. Keyword analysis would be a critical step to support your website performance.

Google Analytics advanced segment lets you set multiple filters and display the results at the same graph, which allows to compare them in one place. So for keyword analysis, you can see which keywords your visitors used to reach to your website with your targeted keywords and the volumes of the traffic. Also, it is possible to find out the keywords leading to achievements and improvements. This post gives you a way to customize Google Analytics advanced segments for keyword analysis.

Advanced Segments for Keyword Analysis

1. Access to Segments and Click “+ NEW SEGMENT”

Like selecting default segments, access to segment setting. You will see the below image which shows default segments. Click “+ NEW SEGMENT” at the top left corner to customize advanced segments.

Google Analytics Advanced Segments


2. Enter a Segment Name and Select a Filter

At the top of a report, there is a place to name the customized segment. Enter your segment name (for example you can put the keyword you want to filter). Depends on your target keywords and search queries, you can choose a filter from the 5 basic filters (Demographics, Technology, Behavior, Date of First Session and Traffic Sources) and the 2 advanced filters (Conditions and Sequences). For keyword analysis, select “Traffic Sources.”

New Segment for Traffic Sources


3. Enter the Information You Want to Know

Each filter has different information to fill out. In this case, select “Filter Users” and enter the keyword to target in the Keyword section. That’s it! Now you can see which keywords are working for your website and check the performance of your targeted keywords.


Have you used the advanced segments for your website analysis? Do you have any ideas to improve it? Share your thoughts in the comments!