Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool that enables to deepen your understanding of your website performance. Although there a lot of data in the reporting session with 5 dimensions (you can read “A Beginner’s Guide: How to See Google Analytics Reports” about the basics), it is possible to dig for more information by combining your favorable metrics and dimensions. The function you can use to view customized data is called “Custom Report.”

Custom Report allows you to create your own report by retrieving specific content you want. In this post I would like to introduce how to create my time period reports that measure your website performance by daily, weekly and hourly and show detailed information of when you got a peek of access to your website and more.

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How to Create Time Period Custom Reports

1. Click Customization Tab

To create a custom report, you have to click “Customization” tab at the top of the navigation bar and “+New Custom Report” under Custom Reports.

2. Enter a Title for Your Analysis

A new report page like below will appear. You can name your new analysis in the “Title” bar of the “General Information.”

Google Analytics Custom Reports


3. Customize a Report Content Session

There are 4 parts to customize in the Report Content session – Report Tab, Type, Metric Groups and Dimension Drilldowns. In this case, I entered the following settings for Time Period Analysis.

  • Report Tab — Daily, Weekly and Hourly Report
  • Type — Explorer
  • Metric Groups — Pageviews, Users, % New Sessions, Organic Searches, Pages / Session, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Goal Completions and Goal Conversion Rate
  • Dimension Drilldowns — Date, Day of Week Name and Hour


Time Period Analysis


What do you measure using Google Analytics?

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I hope this post helps you to understand how to use Google Analytics better and analyze your web performance by each time period. Please let me know your opinions about this Time Period Analysis in the comments!