Are you looking for Halloween marketing ideas?

Halloween is the second largest holiday in the United States and the funniest time of year. People decorate the exterior and interior Spookily, craving pumpkins, dress in costume, call on neighbors with the phrase “Trick or Treats!,” go to haunted houses for fun, watch scary movies… to celebrate the special holiday. Therefore, it is a huge opportunity to connect with customers for growing your customer base and engaging with customers.


The key point to success is to stick to the Halloween mood and give a scary and fun moment to your audience. For this season, there are so many themes that attract the attention of people such as:

Pumpkin, Witch, Zombie, Ghost, Ghouls, Spiders, Bats, Bones, Monsters, Black Cats, Orange, Black… 

You can develop your marketing strategy using these themes and create visual contents creatively for making your Halloween marketing more excited. Here are 5 marketing ideas that small business also can take.

Halloween Marketing Ideas

1. Decorate Your Business Presence Scarily

Adding a Halloween spirit to your business presence creates the holiday mood and the excitements in the minds of customers. Use the Halloween themes and go orange and black for decorations.

■ Online Presence

To put your business in a Halloween mood, the easiest and less expensive way is to update your online presence using a bit creepy design. For example, you can change your logo and social media cover images, which are easier compared with website and advertisements.

■ Office

It would be nice to add Halloween ornaments to your reception, waiting room, etc. You can put craved pumpkins for decoration, which also can be used for your visual contents.

■ Retail Shops

During your campaign, get employees wear costumes and prepare candies to give out for the customers who purchased your products in addition to the decoration of stores. Playing wicked music in stores also can help to evoke this special mood.

2. Create Spooky Visual Contents

Visual contents are a proven way to go viral because of its social media friendliness and drive user and customer engagements. It also helps to improve brand awareness and encourage people to not only share contents but also follow you or stay with you, which starts developing relationships. 

Halloween is one of your best chance to make your contents stand out using its lots of themes and create creative but spooky visual contents. Then you can attach them to your website, blog, social media posts, advertisements and etc. in order to spread to the world. Especially on social media, you can gain much attention to your media and expect more interactions over normal posts. Make sure to include scary or entertaining elements to your visual contents.

3. Share Useful Posts for The Wicked Occasion 

In addition to visual contents, you should share useful and interesting posts related to this occasion. For example, you can write about the tutorials of your DIY items, Halloween recipes, ideas of spending October 31 and more. These posts attract people and drive traffic, but to be more effective for your business do not forget to integrate the posts with your brand. If you have own Halloween products or menu, you can simply promote your time-limited services to grow your business too.

4. Host A Fun Social Media Contest

Social media contest is a perfect option to increase your exposure and reach out to new followers. Since you can interact with entrants through social media as well as the regular updates, it allows you to gather user-generated-contents in a fun way and build strong engagements.

For a Halloween contest, these three contests such as photo, video and storytelling are popular so that many companies do the same. Be creative and choose prizes carefully to entice people to enter your contest! For instance, you can ask for customizing your logo using Halloween themes or giving a introduction of how they use your products during the holiday. Regarding creating a social media contest, read “10 Steps to Take for A Perfect Social Media Contest.”

5. Offer Trick or Treat Deals

Everyone likes special deals like discounts and free shipings. These deals attract customers better than other ways, give them a beneficial feeling and develop a strong relationship. With a proper use, it is possible to boost sales.

There are many options for surprising customers with your trick-or-treats depending on your budget. You can give away coupons which are only available during your Halloween campaign and offer scary discounts with a condition like if you purchase over $100. If your budget is small, you can offer trick-or-treat deals to only loyal customers by sending a invitation to a private sale without using social media.


To last, don’t forget to engage with customers and ENJOY yourself!If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

Happy Halloween!