2 Days Travel Around Mount Fuji

On the way to Tokyo I visited Shizuoka to see Mount Fuji and enjoyed around the area. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and it is an active volcano. In June 2013 it was registered in World Heritage Site and became a more popular place to visit in Japan. Although it is prohibited to climb up to the Mount Fuji from about September to June, thanks to its height at 3,776 meters you can see the beautiful figure around Mount Fuji.

I went to Atami hot spring resort area which is one of the Three Great Hot Spring in Japan. Having a hot spring bath in Japan would be in many tourist’s bucket list. The temperature might be a little bit hotter, but I highly recommend you to try the Japanese hot spring. As you know, unlike foreign hot springs Japanese people entered with no clothes. So you may want to wear swimsuits (it’s really strange) and you don’t want to go with other unknown people, but don’t worry! Most of the hot spring resorts have a private room and it is possible to go alone, with friends, couple or family if you pay the extra fee.

Mishima Station

Atami Station

Atami Hot Spring

Fuji Q Highland

This is my itinerary of 2 days travel around Mount Fuji in April 2013.

Mount Fuji
Hot Spring

Day 1

13:00  Mishima Station

13:50  Atami Station

14:00  Walk around Atami station and the coast line

15:00  Atami Station

15:3o  Stay at Ryokan Hiratsuru

*The hotel employees are non English speakers…

18:30  Seafood cuisine dinner

Day 2

10:00  Departure Atami

11:00  Stopped to see Mount Fuji (World Heritage Site)

11:45  Fuji Q Highland