2 Days Travel to Kagawa and Tokushima

I went to Kagawa and Tokushima in Shikoku, which is the smallest island located in the Western Japan. This region is in a warmer climate with less annual rainfall. Shikoku includes 4 prefectures of Ehime, Kochi, Kagawa and Tokushima. Especially Kagawa is facing the Great Seto Inland Sea and it has been developed as a gateway to Shikoku.

Kagawa is known for the Great Seto Ohashi which is 13.1 km long. It is the longest bridge in the world as a railway combined bridge and it is possible to check it from the satellite. in addition, there are many tourist destinations in Kagawa like Kotohiragu and Shaolin Temple. Tokushima has many tourism resources like Naruto’s Wirlpools and the local culture of Awa Odori Dance which is the Japanese largest festival with about 400 years history. Because of the rich nature and tourist attractions, you can enjoy fully Japanese countryside life in these two prefectures.



Ritsurin Garden


Awa Odori Kaikan Hall


This is my itinerary of 2 Days Travel to Kagawa and Tokushima in March 2014.


Seto Ohashi

Day 1

10:30  Kojima School Uniform Museum

11:15  Watching Great Seto Ohashi from Yoshima

12:10  Sanuki Udon for lunch at Ogawa Udon

13:30  Kotohiragu

15:00  Ritsurin Garden

Day 2

11:00  Brunch at Binbi Ya

11:50  Naruto Park

12:30  Naruto Wirlpool Boat Cruise (90 mins)

15:00  Awa Odoei Kaikan Hall

16:10  Awa Odori Museum

17:00  Shopping near Tokushima Station