2 Days Travel to Kobe

Kobe is a beautiful port city with an international feel since it is one of the international ports and where foreign culture arrived to Japan. Along with the exotic streets that were opened around the port, it is known in the beauty of the night view. With a little advance westward from this city, there is one of the Japanese world heritages called “Himeji Castle.” It receives a worldwide high reputation among the castle extant in Japan. So you will be able to experience the both part of the old Japanese architecture and the exotic residences.

As for the food, it is famous for its luxurious beef “Kobe Beef.” I went to the long-opened Kobe beef restaurant in Sannomiya and I really enjoyed the excellent taste. If you have a chance to come to Western Japan, stop by this fantastic city and enjoy the many faces of Kobe!


Himeji Castle

Shoshazan Engyoji

Arima Hotspring

Kitano Ijinkan

Kobe Beef Restaurant Mouriya

Kobe Chinatown

Kobe Harborland

This is my itinerary of 2 Days Travel to Kobe in April 2013.

Himeji Castle

Day 1

10:00  Himeji Castle

12:30  Shoshazan Engyoji

(from Himeji to Arima – almost 2 hours)

16:30  Arima Hotspring

20:30  Nightview from Rokko Mountain

Day 2

10:00  Kitano Ijinkan

13:30  Lunch at Kobe Beef Steak Restaurant Mouriya

15:00  Sannomiya

16:30  Kobe Chinatown

18:00  Kobe Harborland