3 Days Travel to Tokyo


Tokyo is a capital city in Japan and one of the most popular destinations for not only foreign tourists, even Japanese. There are so many attractions and activities in Tokyo and you will receive different impression from each area. For example, Asakusa is a traditional town where you can feel as if you timetraveled to the old time of Japan. The unique town Akihabarais a center of Otaku culture and you will see many electronic, video game and manga shops. I encounterd some cosplayers and workers at maid cafe. Thus, Tokyo is the best place to experience many Japanese culture in one place.

This time based on where are the meeting places, I arranged the schedule so I’m afraid that it might not have many top tourist destinations in Tokyo like Meiji Shine and Sensoji for the people who visit Japan for their first time. But this itinerary includes the other famous places such as Odaiba and Kabuki and I hope you can use it for your next stay or long stay in Japan.

Tokyo Sky Tree


Nedu Shrine


Tokyo Disneyland




This is my itinerary of 3 days travel to Tokyo in April 2013.

Tokyo Station

Day 1

10:00  Soramachi

11:15  Tokyo Sky Tree

13:30  Kabukiza

14:30  Tea time at Ginza Bunmeido

16:00  Nedu Shrine

17:30  Akihabara

Day 2

10:00  Tokyo Disneyland

19:30  Dinner at Tsunahachi

Day 3

11:00  Tsukishima

11:30  Lunch at Monja Kura

13:15  Odaiba

13:30  Daiba 1-Chome Shotengai

13:50  Funny Drawing

14:30  Tokyo Trick Art Meikyukan

15:45  Gamdam Statue

16:30  Tokyo Station