4 Days Travel to Central Spain


Central Spain includes Madrid, Segovia and Salamanca has many tourist attractions from visiting historical places to savoring museums. There are several world heritage sites in Central Spain like El Escorial and Toledo. With a well-planning, you will be able to discover many fantastic experience and fully enjoy this area.

Madrid is a capital city in Spain and a historical place where you can feel the royal life and learn the Spanish history. There are a lot of famous building and monuments to visit such as Royal Palace and Prado Museum, but it is possible to see the major places in one day since most of the places are close to each other. So don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to stay in Madrid.

In addition to Madrid, this time I visited Segovia and Salamanca. Segovia is a small city and it is widely known for its beautiful Roman aqueduct. Although it is not a big city, I recommend you take one day for only Segovia to see a cathedral and a castle and eat the stucking pigs of Segovia. Salamanca is an academic city in Spain where has the oldest universities in Europe. It is considered as one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in all of Europe and the landscape and you will see its magnificently beautiful landscape. It takes 1 hour to get to Segovia and over 2 hours to get to Salamanca from Madrid but these places are worth a visit.

Plaza de España

Palacio Real

Mercado de San Miguel

Plaza Mayor

Puerta del Sol

Gran Vía

Plaza de Cibeles

Puerta de Alcala

Plaza de Castilla

Plaza de Colón

El Escorial

Valle de los Caídos

Las Rozas Village

Fuente de Neptuno

Acueducto de Segovia

Catedral de Santa María de Segovia

Alcázar de Segovia

Catedral Nueva de Salamanca

Convento de San Esteban

Universidad de Salamanca

Casa de las Conchas

This is my itinerary of 4 Days Travel to Central Spain in May 2014.

Royal Palace in Madrid
Puerta del Sol

Day 1

10:00  Plaza de España

11:00  Palacio Real

13:00  Mercado de San Miguel

13:30  Lunch at Plaza Mayor

14:45  Puerta del Sol

15:30  Gran Vía

16:00  Plaza de Cibeles

16:20  Puerta de Alcala

17:10  Plaza de Castilla

17:40  Plaza de Colón

Day 2

11:3o  El Escorial (World Heritage Site)

 (Monastery, Palace and Museum)

14:00  Valle de los Caídos

16:00  Shopping at Las Rozas Village

18:30  Fuente de Neptuno

Day 3

11:30  Acueducto de Segovia (World Heritage Site)

12:15  Lunch at Restaurante Jose Maria

14:00  Catedral de Santa María de Segovia (World Heritage Site)

15:45  Alcázar de Segovia (World Heritage Site)

(The model of Disney Castle of Snow White)

Day 4

12:30  Catedral Nueva de Salamanca (World Heritage Site)

13:30  Lunch at Plaza Mayor

15:00  Convento de San Esteban (World Heritage Site)

15:45  Universidad de Salamanca (World Heritage Site)

16:30  Casa de las Conchas

17:15  Catedral Vieja de Salamanca (World Heritage Site)