5 Days Travel to Northwestern Spain

Northwestern Spain is a little different impression from the typical Spain and it is full of high mountains and lush greenery. On the pilgrimage road to Santiago you will see a number of cathedral, church and monastery. Among of the tourist destinations, Santiago de Compostela is one of the 3 major christian pilgrimage sites and there are numerous pilgrims from all over the world visit. Also Galicia is facing the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so you can get the best seafood. For many foreign tourists who comes to Spain, normally they would visit the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona in Spain but the Northwestern Spain is worth flying to Spain for the delicious seafood as well as the beautiful nature.

Castelo de Santo Antón

Torre de Hércules

Praza de María Pita

Playa de las Catedrales


Benia de Onís

Santuario de Covadonga

Lagos de Covadonga


Monasterio de Santo Estevo


Santiago de Compostela



This is my itinerary of 5 Days Travel in the Northwestern Spain, on September in 2013.

Playa de las Catedrales
Lagos de Covadonga
Santiago de Compostela

Day 1

11:00  Castelo de Santo Antón

13:30  Lunch at El Gaucho Diaz II

15:00  Playas de A Coruña

16:00  Torre de Hércules (World Heritage Site)

18:30  Praza de María Pita

Day 2

11:00  Playa de las Catedrales

14:30  Lunch at O Lar de Carmiña

17:00  Cudillero

20:00  Stay at María Manuela in Benia de Onís

Day 3

9:00  Spa at María Manuela

12:00  Santuario de Covadonga

14:00  Lagos de Covadonga

18:30  Astorga

22:00  Stay at Parador de Santo Estevo


Day 4

12:00  Monasterio de Santo Estevo

14:00  River Cruise at Cañones del Sil

18:00  Lugo (World Heritage Site)

Day 5

11:30  Santiago de Compostela (World Heritage Site)

13:30  Lunch at Petiscos do Cardeal

16:00  Ezaro

18:00  Fisterra

19:30  Dinner at Don Percebe