5 Things to Do in Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a small island and a monastery located in the bay between Brittany Peninsula and Cotentin Peninsula in the Northwestern France. The Saint-Malo Bay surrounded the Mont Saint-Michel, is known as the most biggest gap between the high tide and low tide in Europe and the difference is more than 15 meters. Once the way to Mont Saint Michel disappears when it comes to high tide and many pilgrims were swallowed by the waves. But now that the island is connected by dikes, it is possible to walk into Mont Saint Michel regardless of the tides.

In 708, a bishop received the revelation to plan to build a church on the rocky mountain (Mont Saint Michel) from Archangel Michael in the dream. At the first time he thought the revelation is a demon of mischief, but Archangel Michael ordered strongly with touching his forehead and next morning the bishop realized that he has a hole at where Archangel Michael touched. This is the beginning of the construction of Mont Saint Michel.

To enjoy this magnificent monastery as much as possible, I would like to share my 5 best experience in Mont Saint Michel. I hope these recommendations will be helpful for your travel planning. If you haven’t read my previous post about my travel to Mont Saint Michel in September 2014, check out my previous post before traveling!

5 Days Travel to Paris to Mont Saint Michel

1. Walking into the Bay

Mont Saint Michel is an island surrounded by the sea around. The part of tidal flat is covered in sea at high tide and it allows you to wrap around Mont-St-Michel at low tide. If you have time to stay there over 6 hours, watch the ebb and flow of the tide!

Walking into the Bay
The Bay Walking

2. The Town of Mont Saint Michel

After proceeding the entrance gate from embankments, the street of Grande Rue extends until monastery. Since there are souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels, the street is crowded with a large number of tourists.

The Town of Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel Village

3. The Monastery of Mont Saint Michel

In the monastery of Mont Saint Michel, you can walk through the village which oozes medieval atmosphere, see a variety of architectural styles at one time and view the Saint-Malo Bay from the terrace of the monastery. Especially I like the cloister with the beautiful Gothic style.

The Monastery of Mont Saint Michel

4. Dinner at L’Hôtel Du Guesclin

The famous Mont Saint Michel Omelette has soft palatability as if it melts in the mouth. I heard the best restaurant inside of Mont Saint Michel -“L’Hôtel Du Guesclin” from a French guy. The dinner was all excellent and I enjoyed the Mont Saint Michel Omelette!

Mont Saint Michel Omelette
L’Hôtel Du Guesclin

5. The Magnificent Views Changing by Time

What the most thing Mont Saint Michel attracts tourists is the view changing by daytime, evening and night. You can enjoy the postcard landscape and the atmosphere of Mont Saint Michel anytime. Especially, the night view with all the lights is magnificent!

Mont Saint Michel at Daytime
The Magnificent Views Changing by Time