Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful online promotional technique which allows you to get more exposure in search results and drive traffic to your web pages. By writing quality contents and creating search engine optimized web pages, it is possible to get search engines understand your contents better and set proper rankings. It is very important to conduct on SEO to not only build brand awareness and raise your credibility, but also increase business chances.

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SEO Tactics from WordPress SEO by Yoast

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your SEO performance on the web and it is not that difficult to increase your knowledge about SEO. In this post I would like to introduce some SEO tactics you can learn from “WordPress SEO by Yoast.” This plugin got the highest evaluation from users in WordPress SEO plugins and it takes care of your all SEO information in the content creation page for developing search engine friendly web pages.


■ General

Yoast SEO General Setting

  • Snippet Preview

You are able to see how your information of the page will look like in Google’s search result. In the search results page, the information people can see is the title of the web page, the URL and the short description. For example, if your title is over the fixed width for the title (70 characters), it is recommended to make it shorter to display the whole title.

  • Focus keyword

Focus Keyword is the main keyword (it can be a key phrase) that aims to be typed in search engines by your target users. Having the focus keyword everywhere in the body as well as the title and the meta description. WordPress SEO by Yoast tells you how many times your focus keyword is found in the page and by increasing the keyword density it will improve your SEO. Select one carefully!

  • Title

Title should more than 40 characters and less than 70 characters (limit). It is recommended to place your focus keyword at the beginning, rather than the end. Be sure to include a keyword or key phrase that your target user would search for.

  • Meta description

Meta description is often displayed along with the title and the URL in search results, instead of taking some words from the first paragraph of the body. You can write up to 156 characters. Make sure to include the focus keyword in meta description.

  • Meta keywords

According to Google, they don’t use meta keywords to web page ranking. So you don’t have to spare your time on this part.


■ Page Analysis

WordPress SEO by Yoast has also the page analysis function that tells you what you should consider to improve your SEO performance based on the General setting. For instance, it will give you these advice.


  • 300 characters at minimum are recommended in the body
  • Focus keyword should be appeared in the URL
  • Use your focus keyword that you’ve never used before
  • Get a better score (it uses Flesch Reading Ease and shows your score)
  • Focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the body
  • Add images (including Featured Image) appear in this page
  • Use your focus keyword in any subheading (such as an H2)
  • Add some appropriate outbound links to the page


In addition, WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to control meta robots, sitemap and social sharing. It is a very useful plugin for any WordPress users and these SEO tactics that I shared in this post will help anyone to perform a better SEO.

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