Facebook and Twitter are two of the most used social networks in the world. Having those accounts to expose online presence have a great impact on brand recognition and influence. To benefit from the services some companies sync their Twitter account and a Facebook page and double post tweets onto the Facebook wall. However, since it is a fact that some of their fans who follow both accounts feel annoying about it, you must think about how to work together with Facebook and Twitter carefully.

Setting up a Twitter tab on a Facebook business page could be one of the solutions. Facebook tab is a separate page that allows to show additional information and improve user experience within your Facebook business page by installing apps. With a Facebook tab, you can still show your Twitter timeline and ask visitors to follow you, and tweet without thinking of messing the Facebook page with a lot of tweets. Here are the easy steps to add a Twitter tab on Facebook page using a Woobox app.

Twitter Tab on Facebook Business Page

1. Type Tweet Feed for Pages in Facebook Search Box

Please use your personal account to search for “Tweet Feed for Page,” then the display below will appear. Select which Facebook Page you want to add a Twitter tab and click “Add Page Tab.”

Add Twitter Page Tab

2. Customize Tab

Configure the page tab and go to Woobox dashboard to customize it. You can enter your Twitter username and filter what tweets to display in the Twitter tab. Then click “Save Setting.”


That’s it! Very easy, isn’t it? Now you will have a Twitter tab on your Facebook business page like the one below.

Twitter Tab Page

How do you integrate Facebook and Twitter? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments!

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