Are you thinking of starting a blog?

There are many blog content management system (CMS) platforms on the web from free social network services to self-hosted software products to publish a blog. The advantages and disadvantages are all different depending on the platform, so that deciding which platform is suitable for your blog – a service or a product – would be the first step of blogging. Since investing for a blog product is not preferred because they may like switching to other services later, most of blogging beginners reach the two of the most popular free blog CMS services, Blogger and WordPress.



Blogger is a Google’s free CMS platform service and it allows gmail users to publish a blog using a subdomain of It has simple functions and that makes it easier for you to start blogging. In addition, it integrates with the other Google services like Google Adsense and Google+ so it is preferred for people who want an easy to use blog and like to use Google services together.


WordPress is the most popular and used open CMS source service in the world. It allows advanced configurations and customizations. Although it requires manually installs of plugins and themes, it enables to manage and design any contents including websites, blogs, online shops and more using paid versions, so that it is recommended to be used for people who want a more owned design style for a blog and like to handle contents others than blogs.

Compared with a free WordPress blog, basically I suggest beginners to start a Blogger blog in several points. Here are 5 reasons why I recommend Blogger to the newbies.

5 Reasons to Recommend Blogger

1. Easy to Start and Manage

If you want to start using a blog soon and you don’t need many customizations, Blogger would be the best option for you. In addition to free hosting using a subdomain and good usability, you can download and use free templates from third parties, edit HTML and CSS, customize side bars and set up buttons in a post using HTML.

2. Free but No Default Advertisement

It is a free blog platform but there are not default advertisements. Normally there is no control on display ads to free blog services, but Blogger allows you to have no ads in a blog and display ads at your preferred places for your Google Adsense.

3. Unlimited Traffic

Blogger has almost unlimited traffic and a great capacity for number of posts and size of posts, while WordPress depends on rental servers although there is a plugin for the traffic. Even though there are limits on the total storage of pictures (up to 1 GB), by integrating with Gmail and Google Drive it won’t be a problem for updating a normal blog post.

4. Compatible with Other Google Services

This is another great point of Blogger for the users of Google services. You can integrate with Google services such as Google+ and YouTube without any additional installing process. Besides, thanks to Google the security of your account would be higher.

5. Available to Import Posts to WordPress

When you want to switch your blog from Blogger to WordPress, it is possible to import blog posts without losing Google ranking. It means even if you change mind later and transfer blog posts on Blogger to WordPress, there is no worry. However, you cannot do the opposite (from WordPress to Blogger).


These are the reasons to recommend beginners to start a blog with Blogger. I hope you gain a better understanding of Blogger and this post helps you to have a good start for your blog.

If you like to go with WordPress, I suggest you to read one of my post “Why to Choose Self Hosted WordPress.” What do you think about? If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please leave a comment below!